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Congratulations! You have made the first step to bringing light into what “may” seem like your dark situation. Some things seem overwhelming and unbearable at first glance but with a little help from someone that genuinely cares about your situation and not just about making you an account receivable.

Most things can be resolved at minimum interruption to your life. The Bright Family Law Center, LLC understands that when most people need our service, it’s not the happiest time of their life and so we take extreme care to be mindful of that. We treat each client (as well as prospective clients), regardless of the nature of their situation, with the utmost respect and concern. With all diligence, we make sure to provide as much information as possible so that you can make the right decision.

Whether that decision is to do it yourself, find other representation, take some time to ponder, or retain us immediately, you as a person are important to us. Even if we cannot help you, we will work to find someone that may be able to help you, that we believe will take care of you. As a result, we offer the following: focused attention, personal service, attention to detail, discreet and confidential services, quality pricing, family friendly environment, and referrals.

“Jesus Christ is Lord”


The prospect of filing for divorce can be upsetting, frightening or even liberating. The wide range of emotions that a person may experience can make this process all the more difficult to deal with, particularly when such matters as child custody.


Adopting a child is one of the most wonderful and selfless things a person or couple could do. You will change a child’s life forever when you adopt, giving him or her a safe place to grow up and be loved.

Child Support

Child support is most often calculated based on a set formula. Even still there are times when adjustments, deviations or credits should be assessed that can affect the amount.