Custody, Parenting Time and Support

Child Custody

Custody ParentingChild custody laws can be highly complex and confusing. An attorney may play an important role in helping a parent understand his or her custody rights. At The Bright Family Law Center, we understand that child custody can be one of the anchoring decisions in providing children stability. There are various types of custody arrangements that should be considerd and every situation requires careful attention to the dynamics of your family. It is important that you have an attorney on your side to help you navigate and if necessary, fight for your rights and represent your interests.

Contact our firm to schedule an appointment for a consultation and learn more about child custody and your rights in this regard. Our firm takes on cases throughout both Kansas and Missouri.

Child Support

If you are looking to resolve an issue involving child support in Kansas or Missouri, look no further than an attorney at The Bright Family Law Center. Child support is most often calculated based on a set formula. Even still there are times when adjustments, deviations or credits should be assessed that can affect the amount. Child support matters can be highly complex and are also emotionally involved. Having an objective point of view backed by extensive legal knowledge on the subject gives an attorney a unique advantage in assisting a client with these matters.

While child support agreements can often be worked out without going to court, at times both parties will simply be unable to come to an agreement. An experienced attorney in our office can assist you in reaching a child support agreement that is best for you and your child(ren).

Parenting Time (Visitation)

Parenting time which is also referred to as visitation is the right of both parents to spend valuable and meaningful time with their child(ren). Although there are some “standard” or “guideline” designs for parenting time, most plans should be designed to uniquely fit you and your child(ren)’s situation. When parties are amicable and able to resolve issues easily, it is important to obtain a plan that is in the best interest of the children that allows each parent the meaningful and fulfilling time that they deserve. Most parties take advantage of this time and generally leave it open and general by allowing for “reasonable” parenting time. This will often bring about the need for a modification sometime in the future. The Bright Family Law Center is available to help you resolve the many questions that exist regarding parenting time.


We all know from living life – life can change. Certainly it changes when we decide to divorce or dissolve a relationship, but change also happens with time. Sometimes that change is for the better, but other times not so much. Individuals may also feel that the relationship with the other parent is so friendly they do not need a formal change – it seems unnecessary. Most often parents grow comfortable with the informal changes to custody, parenting time or support arrangements and they go unnoticed without finalizing them in a legal document or in court. This is fine until tempers flare and old wounds are reopened. Parents may then find themselves back in court being accused of “violating the terms of the court order”. That is why we are insistent on taking the necessary steps to protect you and finalize all relocation, custody, parenting time or child support changes.

Being able to respond to and accommodate changes that affect you and your family’s future is important to us. As life brings about changes for either the child(ren) or a parent, it is necessary to modify these changes legally. Sometimes it comes from a parent moving or wanting to relocate.

Without the use of a skilled attorney, you may not know or understand your options in these circumstances. These and many more changes that are specific to your particular case can be addressed by contacting an attorney at The Bright Family Law Center.