Guardian Ad Litem, Guardianship

What is a Guardian ad Litem?

Guardian ad LitemA Guardian ad Litem is appointed by the court to protect the rights and advocate for the best interests of a child(ren) involved in a court proceeding. The Guardian ad Litem makes independent recommendations to the court by focusing on the needs of the child(ren). The Guardian ad Litem acts independently and advocates for the best interests of the child(ren) they represent, irrespective of the desires and requests of parents. Guardian ad Litem’s are important to the court’s decision in that they bring the court the child’s perspective, whereas the parents are typically focused from their perspective. In cases where we represent one of the parents and there seems to be an exceptional amount of tension between the parties as it relates to the children, we make sure present this option to our clients. Our Senior Attorney often serves as a Guardian ad Litem in many high conflict cases. Our office can say with certainty, that where she has been appointed as a Guardian ad Litem, the parties have tended to resolve their custody and parenting time issues a lot sooner and with less stress to the child(ren).

Guardians ad Litems are:

  • Individuals who respect a child(ren)’s inherent right to grow up with dignity in a safe environment that meets that child(ren)’s best interests.
  • Individuals who assures that the child(ren)’s best interests are represented in the court at every stage of the case.


Guardianships are a method of obtaining legal custody of or decision-making authority over another person. In situations involving minors, guardianships do not terminate the parent-child relationship like an adoption would. People use guardianships for different reasons. Military parents that are deployed may have a need for a guardianship as well. Some of the most common guardianships are minor child guardianships, adult guardianships and emergency proxy guardianships. Contact our office for more information regarding your guardianship needs.