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Christi’s profile

I come from a family of God-fearing, christian parents that offered my siblings and I stability while working hard every day and being willing to accept any opportunity that would benefit and provide a better position for their family. I am a woman that is really blessed to live the life that she dreamed as a child – to be married to and work along side her awesome husband, to have healthy, happy and grateful children and to be an African-American woman running her own law practice. That dream began to come alive when I graduated from the University of Kansas School of Law in 1995 after relocating from California.  I have since been admitted to practice law in the states of Kansas and Missouri. Currently, I am the senior attorney at The Bright Family Law Center, LLC. My experience as a family law attorney as well as legal counsel to a corporation, discrimination investigator, law clerk to a district court judge, and Guardian Ad Litem has allowed me to see the importance of being a knowledgeable and skilled advocate. I dedicate my practice to providing every client with honesty, dedication, wisdom to make the right decision for their situations and zealous representation that is not often seen in the legal profession. Not only do I serve my clients with zeal but I also dedicate my time in improving my profession by serving in various leadership roles for the state, local and national bar associations.

6Michael’s profile

I am man who loves God and enjoys helping people. I have over 30 years experience in the customer relations industry. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting and helping people from all over the country and in various socio-economic levels. My wife often says that I have never met a stranger. My passion is and has always been finding unique and out of the box ways to help people out of the situations that they may find themselves. Many of those people would come to me unsure of what they needed to do but after spending time with them and learning about their situation, I have been able to direct them to exactly what was best for their situation. As a business owner for over eighteen years, I have sought ways to meet the needs of the client first and not the company’s bottom line. My belief has always been to give customers value and that will bring the rest.