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Child Support

Child support issues are not typically amicable and can get stressful for both parents, becoming the subject of intense litigation. Kansas City laws can be complicated and difficult to navigate for parents, especially when they do not have a child support lawyer representing their case.

Many custody cases and divorce cases that involve children and custody arrangements have mandatory orders for child support to one parent from the other. In the majority of child support cases, a judge will require the non-custodial parent to provide child support payments to the parent who has the child the majority of the time, the custodial parent. When parents share joint physical custody, the court may establish a special agreement.

If you are battling a child custody case, dealing with divorce proceedings, or worried about paying child support or ensuring child support orders are enforced, a dedicated and compassionate attorney from The Bright Family Law Center can help guide you through the child support process.

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We Know Missouri Child Support Law

The child support attorneys with The Bright Family Law Center know Missouri’s law regarding child support inside and out, and we aim to educate our clients so that they do as well. 

Our child support lawyers serving Kansas City clients work with our clients so they can have a full understanding of how Kansas City calculates child support and how the monthly payments can impact the financial security of their children’s lives. 

We also provide negotiation for our clients regarding certain aspects of the child support process to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Typically, non-custodial parents have an obligation to pay child support for their children until they have reached 18 years of age, but there are certain exceptions to this rule. 

Some parents choose to provide their children with financial security for an extended period of time. Our knowledgeable child support attorneys can discuss with you what aspects of child support can be negotiable, and your support will be best for the needs of your child.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Child Support Matters in Kansas City, MO?

While you are not required by law to have legal counsel for child support cases, it is beneficial to you and your child to have someone knowledgeable in Kansas City child support laws representing your case.

What Determines Child Support in Kansas City, MO?

There are many factors taken into account when a family court in the Kansas City area determines whether child support will be ordered, who will be ordered to pay support, and child support calculations. To achieve a successful and peaceful resolution with your child’s other parent regarding child support issues, it is crucial that you obtain a legal advocate to assist you with issues related to child support.

Our family law offices in Kansas City can represent you and your child in court to ensure that the best interests of your family are considered by the judge. The state of Missouri follows very specific guidelines when the court calculates the amount of child support to be paid by the non-custodial parent.

Some of the factors impacting how a child support order is calculated can include:

  • Number of shared children
  • Number of children from a previous relationship
  • Income of both parents
  • Cost of daycare
  • Cost of healthcare needs
  • Extraordinary medical costs
  • College expenses
  • The number of annual overnight visits with the non-custodial parent 

When calculating child support payments, Kansas City uses the “income share” method. This ensures that a child’s financial needs have a contribution from both custodial and non-custodial parents. If the parents have shared custody, a judge can deviate from or modify from the income share method. 

Another method for calculating child support is the “percentage of income” method, which provides a percentage of the monthly income from the non-custodial parent and gives it to the custodial parent to cover the child’s living expenses.

With the help of our child support lawyers, a child support arrangement can be negotiated out of court between the two parents. This mutual support agreement is an alternative to a Kansas City court order.

Does Missouri Allow Child Support To Be Waived?

There are certain circumstances where Missouri will waive child support. This can be done when the court terminates or alters a child support order. A non-custodial parent may request to have child support terminated for the following reason only:

  • The child on the support order has lived with the non-custodial parent for more than 30 days and has had no overnight visitation with the parent who has custody.

Modification of Child Support in Missouri

A Missouri court can modify a child support order when proof of a change of circumstances is brought before the court. A child support modification may be appropriate and necessary given the following circumstances:

  • A change in either parent’s financial situation
  • Parenting time is affected by the relocation of the child or parent
  • Responsibility for additional dependents or children following the start of the child support order
  • Parenting time is affected by military orders
  • Emancipation approval of a minor child previously covered by the child support order
  • Incarceration of a parent
  • Significant health issues that greatly impact the parent’s ability to financially support or care for the child

This is not an all-inclusive list, and the reasons for possible child support modification include many more circumstances. A child support attorney with our law firm can discuss whether your situation may justify a court-ordered modification to your child support order or a parenting plan. 

If we find that the parenting plan or child support order qualifies for a modification, our attorneys will help you file a motion for modification of the existing order to better fit your family’s needs.

Contact a Kansas City Child Support Attorney Today

If you and the other parent are in a domestic violence situation, discussing divorce or you are unmarried, and a child support case has been filed in a Kansas City Court, you need a skilled child support attorney working on your side. 

A Kansas City child support attorney with The Bright Family Law Center can assist you with issues that may arise regarding child support. 

We offer comprehensive legal services to address all your child support needs and want to ensure you are fully educated on Missouri law. Contact our law office for the legal representation you need today using our online form and discuss the details of your child support case.

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