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When you or your spouse feel you have come to the end of your rope with marriage and there is no chance of reconciliation, counseling can help take the pain and hate out of divorce. Divorce creates turmoil in the lives of each family member, especially the children.

As couples enter the different stages of divorce, old wounds are opened, and new ones are created. Couples are dealing with their own emotional and personal trauma as well as the trauma their children are facing, all while navigating the legal maze of divorce.

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The Bright Family Law Center is Ready to Help

The Bright Family Law Center, is committed to the support of families who are facing the difficult challenges of divorce. Our family law offices want to fully educate our clients on the process of divorce, ensuring they fully understand what could result from ending the relationship in regard to marital asset division and splitting of families.

We hope that through mediation and counseling, married couples who chose to go through with divorce can do so peacefully and come to terms with the ending of a relationship and the start of a new chapter of their lives.

Facing a failed marriage is often difficult for people to accept, and they may begin to feel worthless and depressed. Divorce counseling can help spouses deal with these feelings.

Divorce Counseling Involves a Reputable Divorce Counselor to Plan for Your Post Divorce Life

If you have already settled on a divorce or are deciding your next steps, divorce counseling and marriage counseling can be beneficial to both spouses. Divorce can be an emotionally taxing process, even if both spouses agree to separation and divorce.

If you have children together, you will be spending the rest of your lives in a relationship with your ex. How that relationship looks can greatly depend on your steps during divorce proceedings. The relationship can look one of many ways: 

  • You will decide to get back together
  • You will remain friends
  • You will choose to be cordial
  • You will be dysfunctional

Divorce counseling and divorce therapy can prevent divorced couples from remaining in a dysfunctional relationship and can help you facilitate communication without constant fighting.

How Can Divorce Counseling in Overland Park, KS Help You?

Divorce counseling can help you and your former partner with many life and relational matters, including improving your conflict resolution skills. Many layers of emotions take place during the divorce process that can be difficult to understand and navigate.

Emotional Turmoil

For most people, divorce can bring a whirlwind of emotions, including anxiety, sadness, anger, and grief, that need to be dealt with by using healthy coping mechanisms.

Financial Concerns

With final divorce comes the splitting of assets, income, and financial responsibility. Couples must adjust to the new financial realities of their lives, and having to manage post-divorce finances can be overwhelming for one or both spouses.

A Positive Relationship Co-Parenting

When you hope to raise well adjusted children after a divorce , it can be incredibly complex. In order for co-parenting to work, both parents need to cooperate with one another, work on fostering positive relationships and have effective communication while raising children together to obtain a positive outcome.

Co-parenting takes hard work and dedication from parents for the well-being of their children. Looking at the other person’s point of view is a great way to reduce negative feelings and will be extremely beneficial when your child is having difficulty accepting your divorce.

Familial and Social Changes 

Most people do not consider how greatly their familial and social lives will change during and after a divorce. Divorce can affect the social circles the couple may have previously enjoyed together. Friends may feel like they have to “take sides” in the divorce, creating further strife and heartache for the divorcing couple.

Family dynamics can change for parents and children, especially during the holidays and celebrations. Counseling can be beneficial to support the couple in making necessary adjustments.

Therapeutic Interventions Used in Divorce Counseling

Divorce therapeutic interventions are different approaches therapists and counselors use that are appropriate for clients of different situations. Therapeutic interventions can help couples and individuals cope with the practical and emotional challenges of the divorce process.

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Individual Counseling 

If both spouses have not decided to do counseling together, individual counseling with a good divorce counselor offers an empathetic and supportive space for one spouse to discuss and manage stress, explore the emotions surrounding the divorce, and set short-term and long-term goals for life after divorce.

While it is suggested that both spouses attend counseling, together or individually, at least one willing spouse is encouraged to attend counseling to help manage the turmoil occurring with the divorce.

Couples Counseling 

Couples counseling can be essential for those who have not fully committed to divorce but are looking at different avenues before making the decision. Couples counseling can allow spouses to discuss what is troubling their marriage, discuss resolutions to the conflicts being faced in the marriage, and determine any possible ways to keep the marriage intact. 

For those who have decided to go through with the divorce, couples counseling can be helpful for spouses to continue for a brief time in order to discuss their feelings surrounding the divorce and what decisions are being made with their divorce attorneys while they are both in a safe space.

Family Counseling 

Family counseling is helpful for addressing familial and social relationship dynamics after a divorce. Family counseling can also facilitate healthier communication between ex-spouses post-divorce when they are handling the difficult stages of parenting, navigating shared holidays with children, and making transitions between familial homes easier for everyone involved.

Coping Skills

Divorce can bring on severe stress and anxiety, and a counselor can teach appropriate stress management techniques and healthy coping skills that will help you to navigate the emotional roller coaster that comes with divorce.

Legal Guidance

Working together through a divorce can be beneficial from a legal standpoint. Ensuring both spouses leave the table feeling “good” about the financial and relational decisions made will prevent issues down the road. The Bright Family Law Center offers supportive legal advice to couples and individuals throughout the divorce process.

Divorce Does Not Have To Be Traumatic

If you and your spouse have decided the divorce will happen, counseling can help ease the stress that comes with the divorce process. Leaving a marriage does not have to be full of heartbreak, anger, and frustration. The compassionate and caring divorce attorneys with The Bright Family Law Center can assist you during this difficult time. Contact us using our secure online form to reach one of our divorce lawyers.