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Fathers have the right to create and maintain strong relationships with their children even if the parents were never married or if they became divorced. If you are the child’s father seeking paternity testing, custody, or visitation rights, the dedicated paternity lawyers at The Bright Family Law Center will work hard to help you gain the relationship with your child that you both deserve.

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How Is Paternity Determined?

There are several ways for paternity to be determined.  One of the legal ways that paternity can be resolved is for both parties to agree by the father signing a voluntary acknowledgment that he is the biological father. Unmarried father’s are required to sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity with the court as proof of agreement of the child’s legal paternity. Although this document must be signed voluntarily, you should consult with an attorney prior to signing it because it is a binding agreement.

The second way to establish paternity is after a court hearing. In this situation, evidence is required supporting legal paternity, and the court will require confirmation of a DNA test. If paternity is established from this test, then, a legal determination may be made that the father in question is indeed the biological father.

The determination of paternity can also be included in a child support order. If the child support is being sought by the child’s mother, she can petition the court to order a paternity test. The alleged father will be legally obligated to pay child support if he is found to be the child’s biological parent. 

Why Is Establishing Paternity Important?

An important step in creating a stable and secure relationship between a child and his father is the establishment of paternity. This provides the child access to financial stability and other crucial benefits. Establishing paternity provides the father with legal rights to ensure he is able to remain involved with the important decision-making processes that concern the upbringing of his child.

The establishment of paternity during a paternity case typically requires DNA testing or an acknowledgment to guarantee the right person is recognized as the legal father of the child. Having a knowledgeable attorney on your side during the paternity process is crucial for navigating the often complicated family law proceedings. The legal team at The Bright Family Law Center is here for families going through paternity issues.

What Follows the Establishment Of Paternity?

After paternity has been legally established, several other matters will come up that must be settled. A paternity lawyer can help navigate these legal issues.

Parenting Plans

Your paternity lawyer can aid with the drafting or enforcing of parenting plans. Parenting plans often include an agreement about religious education, school activities, screen time, and more. 

Child Support in Overland Park, KS

The court will take into account several factors when determining the correct amount of money that the non-custodial parent should pay for child support. These factors will include whether or not either parent is currently supporting any other children, the income of both parents, and the amount of time spent by each parent with the child.

Dispute Resolution

Parents often have disputes regarding each parent’s legal rights, child support, and visitation. Mediation can let the parents sit together or apart and discuss these issues with a neutral mediator. Communication can be done over several sessions in order for the parties to reach an agreement about specific issues.

Custody Agreements in Johnson County Area

Creating child custody agreements between parents is crucial. A child has the right to spend as much time as possible with each parent under appropriate circumstances. A paternity lawyer can help parents hash out an agreeable schedule that works for all the parties involved.

Income Tax Deductions

Identifying potential tax credits for the child support-paying parent is essential in child custody cases. Only one parent is able to claim the child on their tax returns. Parents can agree to include a provision in the parenting agreement that indicates who will take the exemption. Parents can agree to alternate tax years, or that one parent will permanently have the exemption.

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Healthcare Expenses

In many cases, the person responsible for paying child support will also be required to carry healthcare for the child when it is available through their employer. If parents agree to other healthcare options, this must be stated in their agreement. Co-pays and expenses not covered by health insurance should be discussed and agreed upon as well.

Child Care Expenses

In Kansas, childcare can be factored into the child support formula in most circumstances. 

Extracurricular and Educational Expenses

Extracurricular activities, such as sports, dance, and swim classes, can quickly add up for a child. These expenses are typically included in child support calculations but should be discussed in detail if the child is at an age where these expenses will be taking place. Educational expenses for college can only be paid if the parties agree to it. 

Your case is likely to be much easier when both parents have come to an agreement on visitation and custody and have discussed a parenting plan they both agree upon. It is important to note that informal agreements will not be enforceable until a judge signs the judgment ratifying the agreement.  

The Bright Family Law Center Can Help 

At The Bright Family Law Center, our compassionate and experienced family law lawyers understand the stress that occurs with cases such as these. We aim to quickly and efficiently resolve our client’s legal issues in a way that benefits them. Our attorneys know Kansas state laws inside and out, allowing us to provide sound advice to our clients from beginning to end.

Aside from establishing paternity, our legal team can aid in determining visitation rights, filing for adoption or custody, establishing child support payments, dividing assets during divorce proceedings, settling alimony concerns, drawing up cohabitation contracts, handling prenuptial agreements, and more.
If you are facing legal issues regarding paternity or family law matters, our firm is here to assist you each step of the way. Contact us today via our secure online form to schedule your initial consultation.